The best alternative to a hotel

Well located City House with big garden in Budapest


If you don´t want to miss you peaceful sleep and all the advantages a garden offers, then


This is the place to be!


Our house became fully renovated in 2013 and is waiting for you and your family with all its charm and everyday luxury!


You are living close to the city centre, which is only 12 minutes by tube, but you can enjoy the calmness of you lovely garden or terrace after an exciting day. 
You are not breathing the smog of the big town but the fragrance of flowers and listen to the bird´s twittering.


Still, in case you do stay out one night a little longer, there is no need to pay for an expensive taxi. You can return back home by night bus which station is also 80m away.


 Thermal spas in Budapest

Budapest ist eine Metropole mit all seinen Vorteilen. Hier pulsiert das kulturelle und wirtschaftliche Leben. Der Bezirk "Zuglo" ist die  grüne Lunge der Stadt.


Wir möchten Sie auf die hervorragenden Thermalbäder und Spa-Behandlungen aufmerksam machen, die in solcher Form in einer Hauptstadt mit 2 Millionen Einwohner nirgends auf der Welt zu finden sind.


Man könnte die Stadt eigentlich auch "Bad-Budapest" nennen.